Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The Journal of the Bugsman's Wife

I don't know what people are talking about. They say this is the most hated car but I haven't seen one person who doesn't love it once they see it and drive it. I have never been stopped so many times in my life. Everyone asks what car this is and stop us to compliment it. A LOT of people telling me that they would love to buy it. 
It's quiet, it's safe, it's fully loaded and automatic. Stable! Besides, I can use it in any weather condition. I have all weather in my city. It's AWD, the safest way to go anywhere. 
Hubby is a great pilot, has driven anything you can think of. He is not easy to be pleased by cars, it has to drive PERFECT! He took me to see a cabriolet because I was in love with the looks of it, specially the Caribbean color. Once he drove it, he fell in love with it too. So I found my used one in the Caribbean color across the USA, we flew all the way to get it and are driving back now. Yes! It was worth it! Heeeey! It's AMAZING!  For the first time I'm driving in major highways, I feel safe! I love it! And it's gorgeous! GORGEOUS! 

My in laws drove it too. Loved it! It drives niiiice! 

With the top up, you can't even tell that this is convertible in the inside. It's BIG and tall. In the summer I will be able to enjoy the top down. And I still have a back seat, which many convertibles don't. 

I seriously think that the bad reviews were made by some opponent, such as Toyota or somebody else. Because this car is perfect! 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Michael's first RACCOON

The boys always come home full of stories to tell. Today Michael captured his first raccoon in an apartment complex. 

Raccoons are so cute! Such a sweet face. But they are extremely mean and also transmit rabies. If you have raccoons around, call us 775-425-4343

Friday, October 18, 2013


Soooo, we decided to see the famous Heart Lake. It's beautiful and magical in the picture. The direction says that we need to drive to Castle Lake and go for a short and easy 20 minutes hike. I shouldn't even need my hiking shoes, right? 

Well, wrooong! I'm glad I had my hiking boots, it was a steep and long hike uphill. Lots of rocks! We made it up there after 1:30 hours because we took the wrong trail and had to walk back long ways. 

It was past 5:00pm when we made it. But it was worth it! Beautiful views from Black Butte, Castle Lake and Mt. Shasta from up there. The lake is hidden and very cozy. You don't want to leave! 

It would get dark before long, we decided to start heading down hill so we wouldn't encounter a mountain lion or a bear like the other night. I really would like to get back soon because Castle Lake road would be a dark drive at night. 

As soon as we get to the parking lot, we turn the car on and...nothing. No battery! 

So, it's after sunset and we are stuck in the middle of nowhere!  No cell signal, no jump cables. Simply nothing. 

A few cars left on the parking lot. We kept waiting for the people to come back to their cars and asking if they had a jump cable. Nobody did. 

We remembered about a crystal point that saved us at Tahoe once, when we ran out of oil. We pointed the crystal to the engine in that occasion, and, as the book says, the crystal would put enough pressure on the engine to make the boat to start. And it actually did! So, I looked through my purse and finally found a small crystal point, we set it on the battery. After 5 minutes, we tried to make it start. It made a noose and the lights came on...,good sign! But not enough energy and we're running out of sunlight. 

Anxiety attack! I started calling all Angels and saints I could think of! PLEASE Jesus help us make it back before dark. 
This would take a miracle! Maybe 2!

All of the sudden, two ladies in a Mercedes Benz passed through that dead end road and parking lot just for a quick view of the lake. She offered to help calling assistance from her car since there was no cell signal. While she was talking with road assistance, a couple appeared and offered a ride to town. We really didn't want to leave the car all night there but there was only one more truck left in the parking lot, and so far nobody had a jump cable. I didn't want to take any chances of having to stay all night long in there, since the truck didn't have space for us. We accepted the ride from the couple. 

They reminded me of the angels that rescued us in the storm in Kona! As we got inside their truck, this guy comes out of the blue and walks towards the last truck in the parking lot. 

- Do you happen to have a jump cable? 

- Yes! 

The couple offered to wait until the car starts, just to be sure we don't need a ride. Two more girls showed up and all of a sudden, we had all these people to help us to start our car! Be careful what you ask for, I asked all angels and quite a few showed up !!!!!

The car started and the drive back wasn't pitch dark like last time. It is the first night of full moon! It was a beautiful ride with beautiful views of the moon between the trees and My. Shasta in its glow! 

Thank you Angels for being with us! Thank you for sending help every time we need it. <3 we love you so much. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Earth angel of Shasta

We learn most things when we experience them. This episode today made me cry and despite my husband's objection, I decided to tell you. 

We decided to drive to Shasta this weekend and stay at the mineral springs to help with our healing. 

We stopped at the Café for some breakfast and a man was sitting outside with a cup of coffee. He looked very poor but he still didn't ask for anything. He only gave us a big smile and wished us a beautiful day. 

That touched my husband's heart somehow. Once we got inside, we set by the window and he kept looking at the man who was talking to himself. 

Once the waitress came to take our order, my husband ordered for the man too, but he asked to be an anonymous gift.

Once the man got served, we both looked out the window, he was so happy and started to pray. He was praying thanking God for that food and smiling for about 5 minutes before he even touched it. 

I took this picture, I had tears in my eyes and so did my husband and the waitress. My husband thinks the man is an Angel in disguise. He may be, but in my heart, the biggest Angel here is my husband. 

He gets the greatest pleasure in helping others and he thinks I am the enlightened one in our family and he thinks that he learns with me. But I am sure that I am the one who learns with him everyday. These simple little things that he does, he just IS.

I try so hard to be so perfect, so spiritual, to crush my ego, to help people, I pray, I decree, I do yoga, I control my food. I read all books and attend all courses. But my husband simply IS what I am just trying to become. He had no ego at all in that moment and so many others, all his pleasure comes from seeing others happy. 

Sometimes he notices people needing help and don't even think twice before helping them, even when we are in a hurry or with problems in our heads. He is selfless while I, "the spiritual one", didn't even THINK about feeding that man. I was so lost in my own thoughts and that didn't even cross my mind. I wish it had. 

Leaving the restaurant the waitress told me: "your husband is a keeper". Yes, he is an angel to me and even though he thinks he learns everything with me, I am sure that I am the one who learns with him. 

Livia Jepsen 

Sunday, September 1, 2013


By Lívia Jepsen


Some studies suggest that the weight of all ants in the planet would be superior of the weight of all human beings? Wow! That's a spooky suggestion.

Did you know that fire ants are not originally from America and were brought here accidentally in cargo ships. They are not in our area just yet, but moving quickly from East Coast. They thrive in any environment. 

Here are some facts about ants from Wikipedia. If you notice ants in your house, call us before the infestation gets too difficult to control. They can thrive and aggressive infestations may take several treatments. 

Lots of Love to you!
Livia Jepsen

Ants have colonised almost every landmass on Earth. The only places lacking indigenous ants are Antarctica and a few remote or inhospitable islands. Ants thrive in most ecosystems and may form 15–25% of the terrestrial animal biomass.[6] Their success in so many environments has been attributed to their social organisation and their ability to modify habitats, tap resources, and defend themselves. Their long co-evolution with other species has led to mimetic, commensal, parasitic, and mutualistic relationships.[7]

Ant societies have division of labour, communication between individuals, and an ability to solve complex problems.[8] These parallels with human societies have long been an inspiration and subject of study. Many human cultures make use of ants in cuisine, medication, and rituals. Some species are valued in their role as biological pest control agents.[9] Their ability to exploit resources may bring ants into conflict with humans, however, as they can damage crops and invade buildings. Some species, such as the red imported fire ant, are regarded as invasive species, establishing themselves in areas where they have been introduced accidentally.[10]


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Saturday, August 3, 2013


The Cutest Story Ever Told! Maybe it will Inspire some :) 

When I was 11 years old, I did my first trip outside of Brazil. My mom took me to see Disney World in Florida! 
I was a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh, and I went crazy over that huge stuffed Pooh bear I saw at the Disney Store.
But my mother told me that that bear was too expensive for her but she could give me the small one. I was happy about it anyway, and she put the little one in our shopping bag. 
We were wondering around the beautiful store and ended up loosing each other. She was in panic running around the crowded store trying to find me. Finally, she found me and got so happy that she took me straight to the bear section and bought me the big Pooh bear! 

I was so happy! I tried to tell her that it was too expensive, but she said that she was happy to find me and wanted to give me that bear. 

At the checkout we were both so happy and bubbly! Then I noticed the name of the cashier written on his shirt. It was GREG. I told him: "This is the prettiest name! I've never heard that name before, we don't have this name in Brazil, but I will name my bear Greg!"

My mom might even be able to find the picture we took of the cashier called Greg. 

And since then, I had my stuffed animal Greg, he was my companion in all my trips until young adult. My mom only gave it away to needed children after I got married. 

Coincidence or not, I came to Reno in 2003 and met my Greg. Maybe my soul already knew at 11 years old that this would be the name of my future husband. 

Love, Liv

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Get to Know Your Bug Guy - Greg Jepsen, Reno NV


Get to know your bug guy!

One thing that not too many people know about Greg is that, besides running Statewide for almost 20 years, he is also a great pilot. In fact, there are many pilots in the family.

Flying has always been Greg's passion, though he doesn't do this very often anymore. He has been flying small planes, hang-glides and ultra-lights for over 30 years. He has also done acrobatics in his old airplane. 

Statewide Termite & Pest Control, Inc.
LOCAL COMPANY in Reno, Nevada for 20 years!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Best clients in the world! We love you guys!

19 years of Statewide Termite & Pest Control, Inc. in Reno NV. I just love your loving notes and letters! Thank you so much!

Monday, July 15, 2013

My Review about UFB Direct Bank

If you are considering to open a miles checking account at UFB Direct because of the Miles program, please, read this first:

I found this bank because they give you miles when you open your checking and savings accounts and when you use the debit card. I thought that the website was great and customer service was awesome......until... I actually opened the account.

On the second month with them, there was a massive theft in the Railey's store in Sparks, many people got their card numbers stolen in there. Two of my cards (from different banks) got stolen in this theft (in different days) and people in Spain starting using my both cards in the same day.

Right away, my other bank called me and blocked the charges. They never went through. They sent me a new card that was here within 3 days.

In another hand, UFBDirect let THREE charges from these same people in Spain to go through, PLUS international fees and ONLY AFTERWARDS, they blocked my card. I had called right away to report the theft and they said that there was nothing they could do besides letting the charges to go through. The charges went through 5 days AFTER I reported the theft, they let some thieves in Spain to take almost all my money!

UFB Direct's policy, in fact, lets the fraudulent charges to go through to only afterwards investigate. They also said that these investigations could take up to 90 days for being international. It was pretty obvious that I was not in Spain, all other charges that week were in town.

The nightmare didn't stop there! When we called to complain about holding my money and the rudeness of their customer service, they blocked Greg's card also. In other words, they were going to leave BOTH of us without any money for 90 days and any card for 10 days (which BTW became 18 days)! This is ABSURD!

So, I decided to write a letter to the supervisor. They became all apologetic and refunded our money and gave us $50.00 extra for their mistake of cancelling Greg's card also (which was never compromised!). However, there was nothing they could do to ship my card earlier, not even if I paid the shipping! They simply don't care. I wonder if they do that to slow down our miles.

When my card finally arrived, 18 DAYS AFTER I REPORTED IT STOLEN, I tried to buy an airline ticket and get miles with the purchase, of course, that was the whole point! However, the card didn't go through because they put a limit on how much I can spend per day and it was not enough to buy my ticket.

I do understand having security limits, those are supposed to be for protection of the CLIENT. So if I call and tell them what I am doing, they will release this cap just for this purchase right? WRONG!

I called the customer service and told them my situation. I need to buy a ticket and I would like them to release my limit of my debit card only for the day so I can do so. After all, this is a DEBIT CARD, not credit. I will be using my money, not theirs. The guy who answered the phone was extremely dry with me and told me "absolutely not"!

My husband couldn't believe it when I told him and decided to call again and ask the same question and explain that this is only a debit card and we should be able to access our money. The customer service representative said:

- "Absolutely not! If you want to buy a ticket, you can take cash in the ATM (no miles) and put it in a pre-paid WalMart card and buy your ticket with that! But you won't be able to buy your ticket directly with UFB Direct card. And if you don't like it, find another bank!"

In other words, don't count on earning miles by purchasing airline tickets or other big purchases because they won't go through at all. 

So, I am posting this here so you can think twice before using this bank, which I am cancelling BTW. This is the biggest SCAM and they get out of their way to slow down your miles and if your card ever gets stolen, they will protect the thieves better than their own clients and you will have to fight to be able to see your money before the stupid 90 days investigations. Yes, you will receive a new card, all right!? But it will take almost all month long to arrive in your hands because they drag their feet, so it's a month wasted if you are counting on earning miles with gasoline and groceries. Don't ever get rid of your other bank!

I was impressed by their website and customers service in the beginning, this is why I felt comfortable signing up. But after you actually do it, you get extremely rude people on the phone that get out of their way to make your life tough. It's like they think that their "friends" are only the potential new clients, but their own clients are enemies. They might receive a very backwards training.

Even when I got my card stolen in Brasil in 2010 (another bank), it didn't take more than 4 days for me to receive a new card. Yet, UFBDirect made Greg and I to stay 18 days without any cards! And his card wasn't even compromised! Fine, they gave us 50.00 for this "mistake", but I had to raise hell for this.

Now I don't even see the point of having this mileage checking account if I can't buy my ticket or anything big  with it, it's worthless to me. Besides, they take 18 days to give you another card when stolen, imagine if I had a problem in Brazil? They would leave me without card and without money overseas for 3 months while they release my money to the thieves. No other bank would EVER do that to you.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


19 years of our LOCAL PEST CONTROL COMPANY! Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Tahoe. Thanks to you our loving customers and friends! We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives! 

The phone has changed since this ad. Now it is: 

Visit our website: www.statewidepest.com

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Law of Karma

I find it extremely annoying and disrespectful that other pest control companies have the guts to come to my company's blog and try to advertise their company. I will be deleting and blocking these users and also reporting them as spammers. 

But unfortunately I can't do anything to avoid their karma. Whatever you give out comes back to you multiplied. Always! So I find it hard to believe that someone like this would ever find spiritual prosperity. Lack and limitation will keep coming to you until you decide to find your own customers and not "steal" things from others. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Couplehood - "The Journal of the Bugsman's Wife"

Don't know if it is my accent that is specially heavy these days since I'm so tired, or if it is Greg needing some hearing aids.

I said:
- The preparation of today determines the achievement of tomorrow

And he said:
- What? The PREPARATION H will be active tomorrow? 


Livia Jepsen

Friday, March 29, 2013

NATURAL PESTICIDES FOR BED BUGS - "The Journal of the Bugsman's Wife"

I am all for natural, as much as I can. I like to control insects in a way that it's safe for the Earth and the environment. But we still offer both types of treatments (natural and traditional) at Statewide Termite & Pest Control, Inc. But why? I will tell you why...

As much as they are safe, and I use them very often in my house and carry my little spray bottle with a mix of geranium, peppermint and cedar oils when I travel, naturals are not as effective as the prescription stuff, and that's a bummer for nature-freaks like me!

A new article came out this month at the PCT Magazine. They tested all chemicals against bed bugs, including the natural ones, and they are still very ineffective in comparison with other chemicals. EcoRaider and Bed Bug Patrol showed to be promising, but still not even close to the regular products.

For that reason we maintain both options to the clients. If they would like to go natural in their home, like me, they should know that it may not be as effective for certain insects. The actual chemicals will get rid of bugs more effectively. Temprid SC caused 100% mortality of bed bugs in only 3 days during the tests, while the natural products showed mortality of less than 50% in 10 days. That difference is huge.

I will say, I am a VERY natural girl, I prefer everything natural in my diet, my cosmetics, my cleaning products AND my pest control. But, if one day I saw a bed bug or a cockroach that my hubby accidentally brought home from one of his jobs, I would say: "THE HECK WITH THE NATURALS, HONEY, GET THIS BUG OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW! USE AN ATOMIC BOMB IF YOU NEED TO!"

OK! I am just kidding with the atomic bomb part, after all, I am still the same Brazilian-Italian since last time you heard from me, so drama still lives around here. We talk with our hands!

But the point is, as much as I love Earth and nature, I really don't want to cause resistance in tough insects such as cockroaches. I want them out of here. These bugs are so resistant that I fear one day they may control this planet if we are not careful LOL. Matter of fact, I've read about a few tests in the past that showed that roaches may even be the only life in this planet to survive atomic bombs!

So here is my opinion, talk to your family and decide. If you prefer naturals, use them every time you can. If you are able to get the insects of your area under control, this is awesome. If they are still not as gone as you would like, opt for the real chemical during the first clean-out treatment, and then ask for the natural ones only for maintenance. We offer both types and will be glad to help you in any way you feel comfortable with.

But if I am using organic essential oils, why not to do it myself? - That's a great question. You may buy it yourself if you would like. The problem I found with that is that essential oils are extremely expensive and we need a tremendous quantity of them to get rid of bugs. You may find yourself spending a huge amount of money to make half of the job that a licensed pest control company can do for much less, buying them by the gallon with a license.

Either you are opting for chemicals or naturals, the maintenance price is the same, $85.00 per quarter (for an average size home). You won't be able to do it that cheap if you do the natural oils yourself. Besides the part that it may suck to go into a crawl space, etc.

And if you prefer chemicals, of course, you won't be able to buy them at all because the stuff that you buy over the shelf is not the same concentration and sometimes not even the same chemical, because they require a license and training to be used. Some products over the shelf may even cause resistance in the insects, because they need to be safe to be used by the household without training or license, so they may kill only the weak bugs and leave the strong ones to multiply and create a much stronger civilization, btw, resistant to your over-the-shelf product. OMG! Deus me livre! CALL A LICENSED, DUDE! PLEEEASE!

If you have questions or concerns give us a call and we will be glad to help. We are your LOCAL PEST CONTROL for almost 20 years! The oldest one in Reno/Sparks/Tahoe area! Yeeepie! Call us at (775) 425-4343 and talk to my hubby Greg Jepsen, the exterminator and he can answer all your questions.

Lots of Love to you and may you have a mice-free day!
Livia Jepsen
The Bugsman's Wife

The Different Personalities of the Bugs


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Voles in Tahoe

Voles are going crazy in Glenbrook and Incline Village right now. Here are some of the pictures of our Tahoe pest control route today. Beautiful Day in Paradise!

If you have voles too or any other pest that you would like to get rid off, call us at (775) 425-4343

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Parallel between Marriage and Sailing - by Livia Jepsen

Greg and I just came back from vacation. It was the perfect week to take time off because during the winter time the business slows down and it was the week of his birthday and also valentine's day.

The only gift he wanted for his birthday was my company while we make a fool of ourselves in a regatta. I haven't been sailing for very long, in fact, I went to this regatta very panicked. My last experience in a sail boat before this was a crash at the "ice-cold" Lake Tahoe in the end of October 2011, when we almost died of hypothermia during the 1:30h long drive back to the beach.

 Since it was his birthday, I could't say "no" to this one. But I was very nervous. I see sailing as a FIELD TRIP OF MARRIAGE COUNSELING. No wonder someone told me that their boat was called "The Divorce". Not much different than us, we "almost" named ours "The Counselor". But why is that?

I have been watching couples all week sailing together and bringing up all their emotional problems to the boat. I have noticed that sailing, for some reason, brings up every little hidden emotion that we have been putting underneath the carpet. Maybe your husband/wife is too controlling? Or maybe he/she doesn't listen to you? Maybe you are both too independent and just have to do everything by yourselves? Maybe you have a problem trusting each other? Maybe you don't trust yourself? Maybe...maybe you don't even know if you have a problem but if you do, don't worry, it WILL come up during sailing.

 This is because during sailing you both MUST listen to each other and you MUST work together. You must trust each other. You both must keep calm during waves and tides and wind shifts. Pretty much like in your married life. If you don't, you...crash! And the water, I'd say, it's darn cold!

I was thinking that this was happening only with Greg and I until we went to this event. This past week, I have heard many couples complaining about their communication issues, about spouses not listening, about trust issues and about how their spouses make them nervous when the boat is heeling. It is interesting.

Every time I asked a guy why he chose a certain boat over another, the answer would always come out the same way: "My wife wanted more space." Or "My wife prefers small boats because they are easier to set up." "My wife doesn't like heeling so I got a more stable boat" Or  even "My wife wanted a brand new boat because she wanted to know the history behind each scratch!" - that one was cute!  It was very interesting to see how the wife's preferences are so important in sailing, more than any other sport that I have ever seen.

I was born in Brazil, which makes me a little....dramatic when I am scared. Greg and I were not doing so well at sailing together until this event. We pretty much came back divorced every time we went sailing LOL.

The day of our very first race came up and I was so nervous that no one could even talk to me. I could not even see the boat turning 10 degrees that I would panic remembering our Tahoe "disaster". So Greg called a professional racer to crew with us during the first race. There you see, our little "trust" issue here!

The professional was VERY calm watching our little boat tilting in the wind, and this made me calm too and trustful that everything was ok. This is because the calm one was somebody ELSE other than Greg! If I see Greg calm during sailing I certainly do NOT calm down because I always thought of Greg as a little.... "wild" ahaha. If he tells me that something is safe, I feel that I still need to use my best judgment, after all, he has been flying airplanes, hang-glides, doing acrobatics and... you know, killing bugs and catching snakes with his own hands. The guy is FEARLESS!

 After all that tilting and turning and panic, the professional was very impatient because our little Com-pac 16 is not a racing boat and we were pretty much in .... LAST PLACE! Like...2 HOURS LATE!

Watching all those boats passing by, running even more sideways than us, I found myself hoping for more heeling and started to enjoy it. And on the sudden, Greg and I were "friends" again and not enemies, after all, we were in the SAME boat! The enemies were the OTHER boats!

After being stuck in the canal for 2 hours later than everybody else we were talking about how to fix the problem and about what we have done wrong. It was cool. We talked to some people that had the same boat as ours and, for the first time, I was interested in the conversation and even went with Greg to the "boring" West Marine" twice that day to tune up our little Popeye-style boat ORION.

We also attended the seminars and they talked a lot about aviation and wind - all that stuff that Greg talks about all the time and I never listen! It clicked to me how ridiculous it is for me not to trust my hubby sailing, with his such expertise in wind and flying hang-glides and airplanes, and mastering every single sport than you can think of. He even got to windsurf my aqua-glyde in the very first day, while I still struggle with it. No one could possibly understand more about sailing than him.

Next race came up and we were confident. Greg was the skipper. This time I was so proud and trusting him more than I could ever trust anyone else. We knew that our boat was the slowest kind in that event, so we didn't care about winning, but we certainly didn't want to be the last again. And we weren't! Greg had studied everything he could about the Compacs and he knew everything to get the most out of it. It wouldn't help to have any professional racers with us that have very different and way bigger boats than ours.  The important thing is to know how to sail YOUR boat and if there was one person who could sail that thing better than anyone else was...my Greg! (Besides, he looks really handsome with that Captain hat!)

So we worked together during the second race and trusted each other and we brought the best that our little Orion could possibly perform.

Greg and I finished the race proud of ourselves as a team and Greg was proud of me as a woman because I faced my fear, overcame my panic and was comfortable with the heeling of the boat and with being the skipper again...sometimes! We had an awesome race and we are still thrilled about it until now.

Valentine's Day, after dinner, we grabbed a bottle of wine and went to sit inside our little ORION. Watching the stars, the moon and the beautiful London Bridge in Arizona, full of lights. It was the most romantic Valentine's Day ever! This time we no longer were mad because our boat was not a racing boat and was slower than most of the boats, we were actually proud of it. We no longer wanted to sell it for something faster, and we remembered the very first reason that made Greg to choose this boat: "My wife likes stable small boats that are easy to set up and toll, but won't turtle like our old capri." And I felt important.

So I can say that the same way sailing almost "ended" our marriage a million times before, sailing also saved our marriage BIG TIME! It was exactly like a field trip of marriage counseling. After this race, the rest of the week was absolutely fantastic in every way. We felt closer to each other as a couple and I feel like we used to feel 9 years ago when we first got married, that Greg is the most awesome guy in this planet, my best friend, my lover, my partner. The one who is fearless and holds my hand to help me to overcome my fears, and I thank God that he is exactly the way he is, because he is perfect for me.

With Greg I am always growing, I am always overcoming difficulties and breaking through my fears, one by one. But I am also always safe, because he is always there to pick me up and help me out when I make mistakes.

During the past 3 years of our relationship we have passed through a lot of problems that almost led us to a divorce (for real now, and it has nothing to do with sailing!). And now, after this magic week sailing, I feel that we are once again in the same team, and once again in the same BOAT!

 Livia Jepsen

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

10o. Day of Juicing

Super proud! I can't even believe that we've gotten so far!

We have been in this detox juice diet for 10 days now. We have watched enough movies and read enough books now to believe that it was worth a try.

Results so Far:
My headache stopped. Blood pressure almost normal. Lost 10 pounds without feeling hungry. My skin is awesome. Hair and nails growing like crazy. More energy and less anxiety. Sleeping better. I had a strange spot on my skin and it simply disappeared. My pores are smaller?! I didn't expect that one. I don't even need make-up.

First few days were hard, people are really emotionally and physically addicted to modern life food. We even got to the point of putting a tortilla on our plates on Sunday and then put it back in the bag. I was proud of myself for doing the "putting back thing". It was cool! I guess when you keep your own promises to yourself your confidence increases. Love this!

If you want to see some movies before you try this, here are some names:

- Dying to Have Known
- The Gerson Miracle
- Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

We are healthy people but these movies are inspirational and motivated us to keep ourselves that way. :)

If you have a condition, please consult your doctor before you start the diet. But watch the "Dying to Have Known" before you talk to your doctor ahahaha

Lots of Love