Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Best clients in the world! We love you guys!

19 years of Statewide Termite & Pest Control, Inc. in Reno NV. I just love your loving notes and letters! Thank you so much!

Monday, July 15, 2013

My Review about UFB Direct Bank

If you are considering to open a miles checking account at UFB Direct because of the Miles program, please, read this first:

I found this bank because they give you miles when you open your checking and savings accounts and when you use the debit card. I thought that the website was great and customer service was awesome......until... I actually opened the account.

On the second month with them, there was a massive theft in the Railey's store in Sparks, many people got their card numbers stolen in there. Two of my cards (from different banks) got stolen in this theft (in different days) and people in Spain starting using my both cards in the same day.

Right away, my other bank called me and blocked the charges. They never went through. They sent me a new card that was here within 3 days.

In another hand, UFBDirect let THREE charges from these same people in Spain to go through, PLUS international fees and ONLY AFTERWARDS, they blocked my card. I had called right away to report the theft and they said that there was nothing they could do besides letting the charges to go through. The charges went through 5 days AFTER I reported the theft, they let some thieves in Spain to take almost all my money!

UFB Direct's policy, in fact, lets the fraudulent charges to go through to only afterwards investigate. They also said that these investigations could take up to 90 days for being international. It was pretty obvious that I was not in Spain, all other charges that week were in town.

The nightmare didn't stop there! When we called to complain about holding my money and the rudeness of their customer service, they blocked Greg's card also. In other words, they were going to leave BOTH of us without any money for 90 days and any card for 10 days (which BTW became 18 days)! This is ABSURD!

So, I decided to write a letter to the supervisor. They became all apologetic and refunded our money and gave us $50.00 extra for their mistake of cancelling Greg's card also (which was never compromised!). However, there was nothing they could do to ship my card earlier, not even if I paid the shipping! They simply don't care. I wonder if they do that to slow down our miles.

When my card finally arrived, 18 DAYS AFTER I REPORTED IT STOLEN, I tried to buy an airline ticket and get miles with the purchase, of course, that was the whole point! However, the card didn't go through because they put a limit on how much I can spend per day and it was not enough to buy my ticket.

I do understand having security limits, those are supposed to be for protection of the CLIENT. So if I call and tell them what I am doing, they will release this cap just for this purchase right? WRONG!

I called the customer service and told them my situation. I need to buy a ticket and I would like them to release my limit of my debit card only for the day so I can do so. After all, this is a DEBIT CARD, not credit. I will be using my money, not theirs. The guy who answered the phone was extremely dry with me and told me "absolutely not"!

My husband couldn't believe it when I told him and decided to call again and ask the same question and explain that this is only a debit card and we should be able to access our money. The customer service representative said:

- "Absolutely not! If you want to buy a ticket, you can take cash in the ATM (no miles) and put it in a pre-paid WalMart card and buy your ticket with that! But you won't be able to buy your ticket directly with UFB Direct card. And if you don't like it, find another bank!"

In other words, don't count on earning miles by purchasing airline tickets or other big purchases because they won't go through at all. 

So, I am posting this here so you can think twice before using this bank, which I am cancelling BTW. This is the biggest SCAM and they get out of their way to slow down your miles and if your card ever gets stolen, they will protect the thieves better than their own clients and you will have to fight to be able to see your money before the stupid 90 days investigations. Yes, you will receive a new card, all right!? But it will take almost all month long to arrive in your hands because they drag their feet, so it's a month wasted if you are counting on earning miles with gasoline and groceries. Don't ever get rid of your other bank!

I was impressed by their website and customers service in the beginning, this is why I felt comfortable signing up. But after you actually do it, you get extremely rude people on the phone that get out of their way to make your life tough. It's like they think that their "friends" are only the potential new clients, but their own clients are enemies. They might receive a very backwards training.

Even when I got my card stolen in Brasil in 2010 (another bank), it didn't take more than 4 days for me to receive a new card. Yet, UFBDirect made Greg and I to stay 18 days without any cards! And his card wasn't even compromised! Fine, they gave us 50.00 for this "mistake", but I had to raise hell for this.

Now I don't even see the point of having this mileage checking account if I can't buy my ticket or anything big  with it, it's worthless to me. Besides, they take 18 days to give you another card when stolen, imagine if I had a problem in Brazil? They would leave me without card and without money overseas for 3 months while they release my money to the thieves. No other bank would EVER do that to you.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


19 years of our LOCAL PEST CONTROL COMPANY! Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Tahoe. Thanks to you our loving customers and friends! We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives! 

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