Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The Journal of the Bugsman's Wife

I don't know what people are talking about. They say this is the most hated car but I haven't seen one person who doesn't love it once they see it and drive it. I have never been stopped so many times in my life. Everyone asks what car this is and stop us to compliment it. A LOT of people telling me that they would love to buy it. 
It's quiet, it's safe, it's fully loaded and automatic. Stable! Besides, I can use it in any weather condition. I have all weather in my city. It's AWD, the safest way to go anywhere. 
Hubby is a great pilot, has driven anything you can think of. He is not easy to be pleased by cars, it has to drive PERFECT! He took me to see a cabriolet because I was in love with the looks of it, specially the Caribbean color. Once he drove it, he fell in love with it too. So I found my used one in the Caribbean color across the USA, we flew all the way to get it and are driving back now. Yes! It was worth it! Heeeey! It's AMAZING!  For the first time I'm driving in major highways, I feel safe! I love it! And it's gorgeous! GORGEOUS! 

My in laws drove it too. Loved it! It drives niiiice! 

With the top up, you can't even tell that this is convertible in the inside. It's BIG and tall. In the summer I will be able to enjoy the top down. And I still have a back seat, which many convertibles don't. 

I seriously think that the bad reviews were made by some opponent, such as Toyota or somebody else. Because this car is perfect!