Thursday, October 31, 2013

Michael's first RACCOON

The boys always come home full of stories to tell. Today Michael captured his first raccoon in an apartment complex. 

Raccoons are so cute! Such a sweet face. But they are extremely mean and also transmit rabies. If you have raccoons around, call us 775-425-4343

Friday, October 18, 2013


Soooo, we decided to see the famous Heart Lake. It's beautiful and magical in the picture. The direction says that we need to drive to Castle Lake and go for a short and easy 20 minutes hike. I shouldn't even need my hiking shoes, right? 

Well, wrooong! I'm glad I had my hiking boots, it was a steep and long hike uphill. Lots of rocks! We made it up there after 1:30 hours because we took the wrong trail and had to walk back long ways. 

It was past 5:00pm when we made it. But it was worth it! Beautiful views from Black Butte, Castle Lake and Mt. Shasta from up there. The lake is hidden and very cozy. You don't want to leave! 

It would get dark before long, we decided to start heading down hill so we wouldn't encounter a mountain lion or a bear like the other night. I really would like to get back soon because Castle Lake road would be a dark drive at night. 

As soon as we get to the parking lot, we turn the car on and...nothing. No battery! 

So, it's after sunset and we are stuck in the middle of nowhere!  No cell signal, no jump cables. Simply nothing. 

A few cars left on the parking lot. We kept waiting for the people to come back to their cars and asking if they had a jump cable. Nobody did. 

We remembered about a crystal point that saved us at Tahoe once, when we ran out of oil. We pointed the crystal to the engine in that occasion, and, as the book says, the crystal would put enough pressure on the engine to make the boat to start. And it actually did! So, I looked through my purse and finally found a small crystal point, we set it on the battery. After 5 minutes, we tried to make it start. It made a noose and the lights came on...,good sign! But not enough energy and we're running out of sunlight. 

Anxiety attack! I started calling all Angels and saints I could think of! PLEASE Jesus help us make it back before dark. 
This would take a miracle! Maybe 2!

All of the sudden, two ladies in a Mercedes Benz passed through that dead end road and parking lot just for a quick view of the lake. She offered to help calling assistance from her car since there was no cell signal. While she was talking with road assistance, a couple appeared and offered a ride to town. We really didn't want to leave the car all night there but there was only one more truck left in the parking lot, and so far nobody had a jump cable. I didn't want to take any chances of having to stay all night long in there, since the truck didn't have space for us. We accepted the ride from the couple. 

They reminded me of the angels that rescued us in the storm in Kona! As we got inside their truck, this guy comes out of the blue and walks towards the last truck in the parking lot. 

- Do you happen to have a jump cable? 

- Yes! 

The couple offered to wait until the car starts, just to be sure we don't need a ride. Two more girls showed up and all of a sudden, we had all these people to help us to start our car! Be careful what you ask for, I asked all angels and quite a few showed up !!!!!

The car started and the drive back wasn't pitch dark like last time. It is the first night of full moon! It was a beautiful ride with beautiful views of the moon between the trees and My. Shasta in its glow! 

Thank you Angels for being with us! Thank you for sending help every time we need it. <3 we love you so much. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Earth angel of Shasta

We learn most things when we experience them. This episode today made me cry and despite my husband's objection, I decided to tell you. 

We decided to drive to Shasta this weekend and stay at the mineral springs to help with our healing. 

We stopped at the CafĂ© for some breakfast and a man was sitting outside with a cup of coffee. He looked very poor but he still didn't ask for anything. He only gave us a big smile and wished us a beautiful day. 

That touched my husband's heart somehow. Once we got inside, we set by the window and he kept looking at the man who was talking to himself. 

Once the waitress came to take our order, my husband ordered for the man too, but he asked to be an anonymous gift.

Once the man got served, we both looked out the window, he was so happy and started to pray. He was praying thanking God for that food and smiling for about 5 minutes before he even touched it. 

I took this picture, I had tears in my eyes and so did my husband and the waitress. My husband thinks the man is an Angel in disguise. He may be, but in my heart, the biggest Angel here is my husband. 

He gets the greatest pleasure in helping others and he thinks I am the enlightened one in our family and he thinks that he learns with me. But I am sure that I am the one who learns with him everyday. These simple little things that he does, he just IS.

I try so hard to be so perfect, so spiritual, to crush my ego, to help people, I pray, I decree, I do yoga, I control my food. I read all books and attend all courses. But my husband simply IS what I am just trying to become. He had no ego at all in that moment and so many others, all his pleasure comes from seeing others happy. 

Sometimes he notices people needing help and don't even think twice before helping them, even when we are in a hurry or with problems in our heads. He is selfless while I, "the spiritual one", didn't even THINK about feeding that man. I was so lost in my own thoughts and that didn't even cross my mind. I wish it had. 

Leaving the restaurant the waitress told me: "your husband is a keeper". Yes, he is an angel to me and even though he thinks he learns everything with me, I am sure that I am the one who learns with him. 

Livia Jepsen