Wednesday, January 16, 2013

10o. Day of Juicing

Super proud! I can't even believe that we've gotten so far!

We have been in this detox juice diet for 10 days now. We have watched enough movies and read enough books now to believe that it was worth a try.

Results so Far:
My headache stopped. Blood pressure almost normal. Lost 10 pounds without feeling hungry. My skin is awesome. Hair and nails growing like crazy. More energy and less anxiety. Sleeping better. I had a strange spot on my skin and it simply disappeared. My pores are smaller?! I didn't expect that one. I don't even need make-up.

First few days were hard, people are really emotionally and physically addicted to modern life food. We even got to the point of putting a tortilla on our plates on Sunday and then put it back in the bag. I was proud of myself for doing the "putting back thing". It was cool! I guess when you keep your own promises to yourself your confidence increases. Love this!

If you want to see some movies before you try this, here are some names:

- Dying to Have Known
- The Gerson Miracle
- Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

We are healthy people but these movies are inspirational and motivated us to keep ourselves that way. :)

If you have a condition, please consult your doctor before you start the diet. But watch the "Dying to Have Known" before you talk to your doctor ahahaha

Lots of Love