Friday, March 29, 2013

NATURAL PESTICIDES FOR BED BUGS - "The Journal of the Bugsman's Wife"

I am all for natural, as much as I can. I like to control insects in a way that it's safe for the Earth and the environment. But we still offer both types of treatments (natural and traditional) at Statewide Termite & Pest Control, Inc. But why? I will tell you why...

As much as they are safe, and I use them very often in my house and carry my little spray bottle with a mix of geranium, peppermint and cedar oils when I travel, naturals are not as effective as the prescription stuff, and that's a bummer for nature-freaks like me!

A new article came out this month at the PCT Magazine. They tested all chemicals against bed bugs, including the natural ones, and they are still very ineffective in comparison with other chemicals. EcoRaider and Bed Bug Patrol showed to be promising, but still not even close to the regular products.

For that reason we maintain both options to the clients. If they would like to go natural in their home, like me, they should know that it may not be as effective for certain insects. The actual chemicals will get rid of bugs more effectively. Temprid SC caused 100% mortality of bed bugs in only 3 days during the tests, while the natural products showed mortality of less than 50% in 10 days. That difference is huge.

I will say, I am a VERY natural girl, I prefer everything natural in my diet, my cosmetics, my cleaning products AND my pest control. But, if one day I saw a bed bug or a cockroach that my hubby accidentally brought home from one of his jobs, I would say: "THE HECK WITH THE NATURALS, HONEY, GET THIS BUG OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW! USE AN ATOMIC BOMB IF YOU NEED TO!"

OK! I am just kidding with the atomic bomb part, after all, I am still the same Brazilian-Italian since last time you heard from me, so drama still lives around here. We talk with our hands!

But the point is, as much as I love Earth and nature, I really don't want to cause resistance in tough insects such as cockroaches. I want them out of here. These bugs are so resistant that I fear one day they may control this planet if we are not careful LOL. Matter of fact, I've read about a few tests in the past that showed that roaches may even be the only life in this planet to survive atomic bombs!

So here is my opinion, talk to your family and decide. If you prefer naturals, use them every time you can. If you are able to get the insects of your area under control, this is awesome. If they are still not as gone as you would like, opt for the real chemical during the first clean-out treatment, and then ask for the natural ones only for maintenance. We offer both types and will be glad to help you in any way you feel comfortable with.

But if I am using organic essential oils, why not to do it myself? - That's a great question. You may buy it yourself if you would like. The problem I found with that is that essential oils are extremely expensive and we need a tremendous quantity of them to get rid of bugs. You may find yourself spending a huge amount of money to make half of the job that a licensed pest control company can do for much less, buying them by the gallon with a license.

Either you are opting for chemicals or naturals, the maintenance price is the same, $85.00 per quarter (for an average size home). You won't be able to do it that cheap if you do the natural oils yourself. Besides the part that it may suck to go into a crawl space, etc.

And if you prefer chemicals, of course, you won't be able to buy them at all because the stuff that you buy over the shelf is not the same concentration and sometimes not even the same chemical, because they require a license and training to be used. Some products over the shelf may even cause resistance in the insects, because they need to be safe to be used by the household without training or license, so they may kill only the weak bugs and leave the strong ones to multiply and create a much stronger civilization, btw, resistant to your over-the-shelf product. OMG! Deus me livre! CALL A LICENSED, DUDE! PLEEEASE!

If you have questions or concerns give us a call and we will be glad to help. We are your LOCAL PEST CONTROL for almost 20 years! The oldest one in Reno/Sparks/Tahoe area! Yeeepie! Call us at (775) 425-4343 and talk to my hubby Greg Jepsen, the exterminator and he can answer all your questions.

Lots of Love to you and may you have a mice-free day!
Livia Jepsen
The Bugsman's Wife

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