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Ants are a very common problem in this area and may be difficult to control. After the first treatment it is common to see "new" colonies appearing from other places in the house. This happens because ants communicate with each other through sound, touch and pheromones.

A crushed ant emits an alarm pheromone that sends nearby ants into an attack frenzy and attracts more ants from farther away. Several ant species even use "propaganda pheromones" to confuse enemy ants and make them fight among themselves.

​​Pheromones also are exchanged, mixed with food, transferring information within the colony. This allows other ants to detect what task group (e.g., foraging or nest maintenance) to which other colony members belong. ​​

Over the counter products don't usually work for ants because th​ey are simply not strong enough. They also only kill ants that you see, not the entire colony. Over the counter products may even worsen the problem with time, because they cause resistance. Resistance doesn't mean that the ants get stronger but it means that the colony gets stronger and resistant to the product. Resistance happens because the weak ants die and strong ones stay alive and reproduce, so soon you will have an entire colony completely resistant to the product.

It is important to address the problem as quickly as possible, because the infestation can worsen severally over time and cause great damage to your property, specially if you are dealing with carpenter ants. Carpenter Ants can cause just as much damage as termites.

What to do?
The product that we use is very effective against ants. It is a prescription product, which means that only licensed pest control technicians can buy or apply it. But it is still safe for your family, children and pets when applied by a certified and experienced technician.

Our chemical doesn't kill the ants right away, rather creates a sort of "ant infection" that is carried back to the colony. Soon the entire colony dies, not only one. Even if only one ant gets in contact with this product, it will still be enough to exterminate the entire colony.

​​​​​It is important to maintain the treatment in a regular basis until all colonies are gone.

​​Ants can get inside our homes through very small cracks. Sometimes an exclusion should be advised to avoid new colonies from coming in seeking water, sweets or greasy items in the kitchen pantry or storeroom areas.

​​We have monthly, quarterly and yearly agreements ​​​available upon request at a discounted price from a one-time treatment. This way it's easy and inexpensive to maintain your home ants-free.

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